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"Property must be secured or liberty cannot exist."

-- John Adams

"The Constitution protects the essential attributes of property.... There can be conception of property aside from its control and use, and upon its use depends its value."

--Buchanan v. Warley
(Supreme Court decision, 1917)


The PARAGON Foundation strives to provide citizens with the most current and up-to-date information about their Constitutional rights. Our resources consist of court cases and case studies that we have assisted with in the past, as well as literature and books. A summary of our material is available by clicking the links in the navigation bar on the left.

This vast collection has been gathered and reviewed by the PARAGON Foundation and is available by contacting the foundation via email.

Check periodically for updates to the resource pages.

Please note: The information available from the PARAGON Foundation is for informational and reference purposes only. Situations will vary case by case and the information contained herein in no way guarantees the win or loss of a court case.

The Charters of Our Country

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Declaration of Independence Constitution of the U.S. Bill of Rights
The Declaration of Independence

The Constitution of the United States

The Bill of Rights