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The Cowboy Way

AHP 2009 Award RibbonPARAGON Foundation will once again be publishing the monthly "In The Loop" newsletter soon as it is no longer publishing The Cowboy Way.  If you read The Cowboy Way for the Constitution and property rights information, you will love the newsletter!

Back Issues

We keep a number of copies of most of the back issues The Cowboy Way, and a few under its former name, Living Cowboy Ethics. They are available for $7.50 plus postage.

Please call Nicole for individual issues 1-877-847-3443.

Past Issues

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"Out There" Photo Submissions

In each issue of "In the Loop," we will run a photo from somewhere "Out There" in America where work is getting done and folks are living their lives.  We want these photos to come from you. Please email your photos to our Editor Nicole Krebs at Send us your digital images sized 5" x 7" in JPEG format at 300 dpi. 

By submitting your images, you are allowing PARAGON to not only use them in the newsletter, but to use them in support of its mission to educate and empower. The images may also appear on the website or in promotional materials to further support PARAGON's efforts. A photo credit will be given whenever an image is used. If you wish to send your image or images on a CD or if you do not have a digital camera and wish to send prints, please send them to:

PARAGON Foundation
1209 Michigan Ave.
Alamogordo, NM, 88310

Please note: Prints cannot be returned, PARAGON usage details for submitted digital images apply.